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Chapter 19 — Mostly Lab? Well, Maybe Not

Greta has a new identity. To begin back at the beginning of Greta’s story, she  probably knew her birth mother, at least until she was weaned.  But she would have been just four to seven weeks old at the time, … Continue reading

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Chapter 19 — Some Huntin’ Dog in There Somewhere

  Dogs carry their heritage in their size, the coloring and length of their coats, the shape of their muzzles and the length of their ears, just like we do.   Greta’s appearance  showed that one of her  parents was a … Continue reading

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Chapter 18 — The Year of Unlimited Chocolate

Drug manufacturers  put a lot of chemicals into antidepressant medications, stuff that can make you nauseous,  give you headaches or insomnia, or  render you unable to drive or operate heavy machinery.  Not trying to be cute about it, because depression … Continue reading

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