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Chapter 23 — And Then There Was Mike. Thanks, Craig

Man-free existence can be a relief.  I went to movies and luncheons with girlfriends and tried to teach Greta to catch her flying disc toy.   If dogs had thumbs, Greta would’ve given the flying disc two thumbs down. I didn’t … Continue reading

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A Good Man is Hard [Almost Impossible] to Find

Sifting through potential male companions is like placer mining—you keep going because you believe there’s got to be gold in there somewhere.   And to be fair,  maybe that’s what men think about us, too, although I’m not sure we’re looking … Continue reading

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Chapter 21 — More About Men

Glioblastoma multiforme is one of the most serious brain tumors.  Not to imply that any brain tumor is not serious, but some have slightly better survival rates.  When a glioblastoma reaches Stage 4, as it had by the time my … Continue reading

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Chapter 20 — Men, And Dog

Men don’ t live the way we do, not when they’re single.  Some of them reside happily in homes where the only thing keeping the kitchen floor clean is the mice.  Some will accumulate a stack of 20 empty pizza … Continue reading

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