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Chapter 75 — Barkdown at Gopher Gulch

          It was a hot, dusty day in Gopher Gulch, Texas.  Every day was  a hot, dusty day in Gopher Gulch, except during the winter, when it was cold and dusty.  Rusty trotted down Main Street.  When he put his … Continue reading

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Chapter 68 Grim Solution to Too Many Cats

            The day we learned how many cats are being euthanized was  a golden day under a sky where the blue stretched into forever.   Greta’s  Sunday afternoon plans  involved putting more squirrels back into trees and walking up the … Continue reading

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Chapter 46 — Dog Talk and People Talk

Greta speaks some limited English.  Most of her friends do, too, having picked up  enough to get by.  It’s the same situation we would face if we lived in Italy for a year and wanted to do a little better … Continue reading

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