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Chapter 52 The Ailments of Age, Too Soon

Do dogs know they will grow old?  Do they know they’ll start getting stiff when they stay too long in one position, that they’ll wake up with bodies that no longer respond immediately to the challenge of getting out of … Continue reading

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Chapter 48 — Greta’s Human Wears Out — Part II

    “I don’t want to live like this,” I said.  And repeated.   Listeners would nod, and say nothing.  I understood.  I’ve nodded when there was nothing I could do, no referrals, suggestions, ideas.  As the Main Line Health Center, … Continue reading

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Chapter 47 — Greta’s Human Wears Down

Chapter 47 — Greta’s Human Wears Down.

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Chapter 45 — Hospital Tales Redux

(Continued from Chapter 44) Dr. Beatsme had no answer to why I couldn’t breathe and Nurse Ineptia was planning  to treat me without  knowing what was wrong when I left the hospital emergency room after four frustrating hours.   They had … Continue reading

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Chapter 44 — Holiday Hospital Tales

First,  the obvious:  no one enters a hospital voluntarily on holidays,  and if even the employees—from the security guards to the doctors–would all rather be at a party, who could blame them?   But if you have to be there, you … Continue reading

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