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Chapter 75 — Barkdown at Gopher Gulch

          It was a hot, dusty day in Gopher Gulch, Texas.  Every day was  a hot, dusty day in Gopher Gulch, except during the winter, when it was cold and dusty.  Rusty trotted down Main Street.  When he put his … Continue reading

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Chapter 74 Cold, Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain –And Dogs

    First came the bitter cold.  When the outdoor sensor  of the indoor/outdoor thermometer reads 5 degrees below zero, that’s cold.  Then there was the moderate snow, and then the ice storm that weighted down branches that fell across … Continue reading

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Chapter 67 The Baby Bunnies’ Story

              How did  Greta know the nest was there?  Baby bunnies have no scent, http://www.hopperhome.com/wild_bunnies.htm   The lack of scent  is doubtless  Mother Nature’s way of helping them not attract predators before they’re big and strong enough to have … Continue reading

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Chapter 62 — Proselytizing at Popeyes

All I really wanted from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen  was a two-piece chicken dinner, all white meat, spicy, with red beans and rice.  Didn’t expect the extra helping of free salvation. I know.  Popeyes chicken contains 630 calories (one breast, one … Continue reading

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The Rabbit’s Story

Back in August, 2012 Donna Wrote about Greta meeting a rabbit on one Sunday morning’s walk. Well, here’s the Rabbit’s side of the story. I opened my eyes as light started streaming into my borrow, a new day was dawning. … Continue reading

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